Plant based diet

Quick guide to going plant based.

What to expect:

  • a. Take your time maybe 4 – 6 months

  • i. habits have to change
    ii. the bacteria in your gut [flesh eating bacteria feed on the meat you eat] will be very upset they are not being fed and will attack your gut lining.
    iii. Different glands and enzymes need to build up to break down the food.
    iv. Gut muscles need to grow to move the extra fiber
    v. gas and bloating: until the new bacteria develop and the muscles get stronger you will experience gas and bloating [ 6-8 weeks ] Note: passing gas 20x per day is the norm anyway


  • b. start by:

    i. swapping out dairy for the first 2 weeks – 3 weeks
    ii. next 3-4 weeks: add in the fruit to build up to 6 pieces [ work up to 10 later on as a goal]
    iii. Add in the nuts daily
    iv. add in the beans / rice / tofu

1. Protein.
You will get plenty of protein from normal whole foods [not processed foods ]

Beans + rice = complete protein source.
Doesn’t have to be eaten together just on same day.
Tofu = complete protein source.
If eating regularly, then balance with seaweed as western made tofu will reduce iodine.
[ it doesn’t cause man boobs or effect testosterone ]
Tempeh : fermented soy

What about Soy?

Soy contains PHYTO-ESTROGEN. This is very different to Human Hormonal Estrogen.
Soy will decreases cancer risk, and improve bone strength and density.

Most  GMO soy is used for livestock and cattle feed.


How Important is protein?

Not very. Concern about protein was born from very old incorrect research, which be became very popular. It has now been dis proven by it’s original author of all people .


How much protein do you need?

about 0.6 grams per kilo body weight up to 0.8g if you are bodybuilding.

       80 kg person will need 48g of protein

oats 1 cup = 25g

spinach 1 cup boiled /steamed = 5g

Wild rice Raw 1 cup = 24g [needs to soak for 24-36 hrs] will triple in size, expect 10g protein / cup

reg rice / brown/white cooked 1 cup = 5g

Lentils boiled 1 cup = 18g

20 almonds (25g) = 6g

1 medium banana 113 g = 1.3g

avocado 2g

Strawberries 100g = .5g

1 small pear = .5g

papaya 100g = .5g

Breakfast example:

1 cup of oats [25g] 10 crushed almonds [3g], almond milk [ 3g], banana[1g]
= 50% of daily protein – just at breakfast.

Wild rice blooming method:


2. Fats

Nuts, seeds, avocados, olives.

Omega 3 sources: eat daily [ do not rely on any 1 source ]

Raw: Flax / lin seed, chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts [ grind the nuts and seeds for better absorption]
Leafy greens: spinach, lettuce etc
Supplement: Omega 3 Algae 250mg / day [fish get their omega 3 from algae]
: Ahi seed oil []

Omega 6 Sources: avoid vegetable oils etc.

avoid omega 6 oils [ they limit the uptake of your omega 3s]
you will get enough omega 6 with the raw omega 3 options.

Ratio of Omega 3 to omega 6:

Need to consume 4 times the omega 3s than omega 6s
This ratio naturally occurs in flax, chia and hemp. Also in the supplements
Omega 6s inhibit conversion of omega 3s


3. Carbs

a. Fruits & Berries

Aim for 10 serves a day [ ]

b. Vegetables

steamed or baked
Tarro [amazing, peel skin completely and add to stews etc ]
potatoes [higher in potassium than banana ],
cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin[is a fruit], carrot, corn [grain], eggplant / aubergine, asparagus, tomatoes[fruit], squash[fruit], beetroot.
sweet potato [yams]
purple potato

c. Grains

brown rice / wheat / pasta / noodles / ramen / udon

d. Beans [ also a carb as well as moderate protein ]

Kidney, adzuki, lentils, dhal[ red lentils ] broad beans etc

e. breads / rolls / flat bread

** Bad Carbs ***

Carbs are perfect until processed and/ or fried
Sugar, white rice, packaged juices, candy, cakes, biscuits
Potatoes are great – potato chips are bad [fried /oil ]
baked potato is great
steamed potato is great
boiled potato is great
mashed potato with almond milk and herbs is great
mashed potato with a fat and oil [butter etc] is bad.

4. Leafy Greens

Kale, spinach, beetroot leaves, Swiss chard: With red stems, stalks, and veins on its leaves
Mustard greens, Red and Green Leaf and Romaine Lettuce,
Cabbage: [ not a leafy green, but great in combination with ]
Rapini (Broccoli Rabe)
Bok Choy


Combining Macros [fats / proteins / carbs ]

Carbs or carbohydrates are the human body’s main fuel.
70- 80 % of diet is generally carbs [ the good kind ]

Insulin is released when you eat a carb [ that is fine ]

Insulin [ made by the pancreas ] has 2 purposes:
1. Burn carbs / blood sugar for energy
2. find and store fat that is in your blood

When you eat a carb and a fat at the same time:
Insulin will burn the carb and store the fat immediately

**Do NOT mix a CARB + FAT**

eat Carb + Protein
rice + Beans, Rice + tofu, Beans on bread, rice + starchy veggies, beans + starchy veggies, anything + eggplant / aubergine

eat Carb + Leafy Greens
salad sandwich [ dressing of sweet chili or vinaigrette ]
rice salad

eat Protein + Leafy greens
Bean salad
lentils or any kind of bean and leafy green side

Eat Fat + Protein
*** Tricky one ****
Nut Butters on their own [ nut butter and spoon]
Tofu and low carb vegan mayo, or an oil dressing

** Trap **
Beans are pre combined with carbs: so you cant add oils and fats

eat Fat + Leafy Greens
This is the go to for fatty dishes
avacado on exotic leafy salads
Nut Butters on leafy salads

*** TIP ****
Eggplant / aubergine is your friend, it tastes fatty, but isn’t so roast it, then blend it with herbs and it makes a great salad dressing

Cakes combine fat and carbs = bad
Eat a cake mad of nut butters only

Coconut cream thai dish: Cream is a fat, and potatoes and tarro and carrots are carbs, as well as carb rice or noodles = bad
Substitute carbs for MUSHROOMS and leafy green veggies and broccoli, have a side salad with a fatty dressing and don’t eat carbs that meal.

Toast or bread with nut butter or avacado or cheese = bad  [ fat plus carb ]
toast with jam or, mushrooms, or roast pumpkin, or buba ganoush


Nut milk, soy milk, rice milk are all good.

Almond milk cost 20c / liter if home made [ takes 5 minutes ]
hand full of almonds in a blender, pulse till course powder, add 3 cups of water, blend for 1.5 -2 minutes, strain through nutmilk bag [ebay it]

Experiment with cashew milk, peanut, hazelnut etc… easy.


6. Cheese

Bio Cheese Bio Cheese site avail at Woolworths / coles etc
Daiya Cheese Daiya foods site VERY NICE. Avail at cruelty free shop
Blue Cheese are also available and you can make them at home
Cashew Nut Cheese: Home made : here is an example recipe [ there are a lot of types ]
Nutritional yeast: can just use it as a sprinkle with some salt


7. supplements

B12 [methylcobalamin form 1 tab / week is more than enough] jarrow b12
Omega 3 [ algae based ] 250mg /day according to Dr Gregor


8. JunkFood / Fast Food

Fry’s selection [burgers, schnitzel, nuggets, sausage rolls, stirfry]
avail woolworths and coles freezer section.
Asian potsticker dumplings Gyoza [vegetable type ]
woolworths Asiana Asian Dumplings Vegetable 200g
Coles Kailis Bros Frozen Vegetable Gyoza
Linda McCartney’s range: Linda McCartney’s rangee [burgers, sausage rolls, pies ]
Praise Tartare Fat Free Sauce 250ml
Praise Traditional Fat Free Mayonnaise 410g
Oreo cookies
Cream: Soya whip, rice whip, coconut cream soya and rice whip are from specialty shops
Quorn: nuggets & schnitzels: Quorn site
Coyo: coconut yogurt [Specialty shops] VERY NICE.
Nuttelex butter

woolworths vegan range [ not comprehensive ] woolwoths vegan
Coles vegan range [ not comprehensive ] Vegan range


9. FAST Food Outlets

1. SOUL BURGER – everything is vegan
2. Crust Pizza – they have vegan cheese and a complete vegan pizza
3. Subway – Veggie PATTY sub [have to ask for it, not on menu]
4. Mcdonalds – 2 hashbrowns with BBQ sauce on a bun – create your own
5. Dominoes – Veggie trio Pizza – no Cheeze Extra BBQ sauce
6. Red Rooster – Veggie pack [ order double veggies ] Order peas and order large Gravey + corn cobs
7. Grill’d Burger: Mushroom burger, Veggie patty burger
8. Orporto’s: Veggie Burger
7. Kabab Places: Falafel roles with humus and baba ganoush[eggplant]
9. Thai Places: veggie dishes [ usually they have a few] Chineese and vietnamese have less
9. Lord of the Fries
10 About Life


10. restaurants [sydney ]

1. mother chu’s
2. Earth 2 table
3. loving hut
4. Bodhi Restaurant
5. Nourishing quarter
6. Yullis
7. Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant
8. Funky Pies
9. Yellow
10. VeggieHouse
11. The Dandylion Bondi
12. Badde Manors


11. Lists of Vegan stuff

1. Peta’s accidentally vegan list
2. Vegifull’s woolworths Guide
3. Vegifuls coles guide
4. Vegifuls Aldi GUide