Subluxation Minimization: Ergonomics

Subluxation   [SUB – LUX – A – SHON]

A Subluxation  is: A misaligned spinal bone that is irritating nerves.

Our Busy Lifestyle may cause tiny subluxations on a daily basis: known as Micro-Traumas.

A common Micro-Trauma Subluxation is poor Ergonomics: How our environment is set up or designed.

Examples of Micro-Trauma Subluxation include:

  • Tech – Neck : looking down to use mobile devices
  • Computer Monitor set up :
  • Chair type and position
  • Desk Height
  • Car / motor vehicle seats :causes poor spinal posture
  • Repetitive tasks: doing 1 task for longer than 40 mins
  • Spending a long time doing tasks.

Micro-Trauma Subluxation may Cause:







Some Micro-Trauma Subluxation is Unavoidable:
People are an up wright species. This places STRESS on the spine and causes subluxations.

Animals like Dogs, Cats, and Fish don’t have the same stress because their spine is supported by 4 legs.








Micro-Trauma Subluxation accumulates over time:
People are among the longest living species on the planet

People live upto 10x longer than some pets
Since People live longer, the Subluxations become worse over time as the subluxations accumulate













Micro-Trauma Subluxation can be minimized by designing a better environment.





























Chiropractic Maintenance adjustment to the spine Off sets Micro-Trauma Subluxation

chiropractic adjustments  stop the build-up of Micro-Trauma Subluxation,